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Useful tools for web designers

Posted by  |  May 5, 2012 |  

Here is an interesting and useful read on tools, services and resources for all web designers. Designers and developers spend hours online looking for relevant useful web designing tools. This is a collection of some of the most useful tools that can be efficiently used by web designers to enhance execution and paved a way towards progressive Web Design.

Responsive design Techniques are the quintessential need of the hour, as responsive web designs are becoming more and more popular and each designer is getting creative to create their own responsive designs. Here are some web tools to help you achieve the same:

Here is an interesting website http://css-tricks.com that provides you with all the needed knowledge for the creation of all responsive websites.

Some interesting resources needed to design your website.

  1. Little Big Details: This innovative site features tiny details that can help improve the user experience of websites and mobile apps. You can also share your favorite little things on the website. This website has a very interesting collection of useful tips that handy while designing flawless websites- they collection is ever-evolving as more design examples are submitted every day.
  2. ideeeas: This project collects brainwaves from people who have creatively brilliant, fancy ideas on any website designing  topic.
    1. The Godfounder: A blog which showcases details that make Web apps successful, in particular tiny little details that prove designer’s attention to website users’ needs.
    2. What Software and Hardware Do Professionals Use?: Useful guide for website designers and developers who are always on the lookout for discovering newer tools – softwares, resources etc.
    3. CSS Lint: A useful tool that helps find faults in your CSS coding.
    4. Asciiflow : A simple Web based ASCII flow diagram drawing tool which allows you to draw boxes, lines, arrows and type and then export it straight to text or HTML.
    5. Drush : The ultimate Drupal tool that lets you to install, download and uninstall modules without even opening a Web browser.
    6. Launchlist: A perfect way to check your work before launching any project.
    7. CSS3 Generator: Handy CSS3 generator can be used for code previews and other different functions.
    8. Bounce: A good way of creating notes on your website, that can be later shared with your friend and colleagues.
    9. Kuler: A web designer’s color guide, it is a web-hosted application for generating color themes.
    10. Dabbleboard: A convenient web-based collaborative drawing tool used to create web layouts or design user interface.

Design resources are important to web designers as they draw both inspiration and ideas of execution to continue on their cognitive journey of web design. We have suggested websites for stocks, inspirational galleries, color tools, a lot of coding related resources etc.  This is just the synopsis of the many tools out there to make your life as website designer and developer a whole lot easier.


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